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TreeHouse Guitars
Handcrafted by Zach Lefebvre

Hilton Beach, ON, Canada


TreeHouse Parlor

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TreeHouse OMZ

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TreeHouse 0000

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Ember Series



Driven by the pursuit of finding "the perfect sound" Zach Lefebvre's ever-evolving guitars are well-known for their rich, lush sound and huge dynamic range. Delivering a palette of tonal colours packed with impressive sustain and clarity matched with playability that makes them a joy to play. Zach's guitars are contemporary while respecting numerous traditional aspects of guitar design. TreeHouse Guitars are built to deliver a world-class sound for the discerning musician while being long-lasting, dependable tools in large stadiums, on small stages or in cozy living rooms. 

TreeHouse Guitars' inception was in 2012 after Zach apprenticed under the watchful eye of renowned Canadian luthier, Sergei de Jonge. A few of Zach's design details are a nod to the profound influence de Jonge has had on his work. Zach's guitars are crafted using structural and acoustic engineering principals, all in an effort to reach what Zach perceives as "the perfect guitar".



     "TreeHouse guitars know no boundaries. The versatility has been very impressive! There is a clear attack and precision with every note while also delivering gorgeous warmth, shimmer and sustain.  The guitar feels effortless for fast finger style pieces of music while it also will sustain for ages for slower ballads which inspires an entirely new level of interpretation in playing the guitar. The guitar also responds amazingly to blue grass styles with a heavy plectrum and Celtic rhythm playing with softer plectrums. 

     All around this wonderful guitar will adapt to any style of music I throw at it!  Playing a TreeHouse guitar feels so effortless which helps deepen the connection between the player and the music." 

     - Adam Dobres, BC, Canada

     "My Violet, every time I pick her up I am again amazed at the beauty, perfection, balance and voice of my custom guitar. Zach, at Treehouse Guitars, is more than an artist, he is a wizard. Watching my guitar being built through the pictures he posted created an anticipation that was almost impossible to bear at times. She is the absolute best guitar I’ve ever owned. She fits me, she makes me sound good, and she teaches me new things, coaxing me to be more adventurous than I’ve ever been with any guitar (and I’ve been playing for 45 years).  If you’re looking for a ‘forever’ guitar – talk to Zach. He is infinitely patient and exceptionally creative."

     - Linda Connell Studley, BC, Canada

     "I can't say enough about my guitar and my experience with luthier, Zach Lefebvre.  I ordered my guitar two years ago and met with Zach in his workshop to go over the specifics.  That was a fun day, covering all the unexpectedly fascinating details such as neck, frets, shape, woods, hardware, finishes, and so forth.  Zach was insightful, but also willing to go along with my unusual desires, which were that he make a guitar that was very plain, something most people don't want, especially given Zach's extraordinary woodworking skills.  Zach made my guitar with the same love and respect that he has for all his guitars, balancing the dual elements of beauty and function.  And this one is stunning.  It has a softness to the edges and finish that make it a pleasure just to hold.  The sound is rich and warm, different from any other guitar I've ever played, and the neck, frets, bridges, tuning pegs, and action are perfect.  

     One final note: the covid pandemic happened in the midst of Zach's making my guitar.  He was incredibly generous with this unexpected challenge, sending me pictures along the way, and holding off on the final payment until I could get back into Canada, even though that meant keeping it in his shop for over a year and a half."

     - Peter Mayer, FL, United States

     "I sat down to jam with Zach having no intention to invest in a custom instrument - until I put one in my hands. The sound vivid and crisp. The curves seductive. The sound hole and woodburning art totally unique. In less than 5 minutes I’d made up my mind to order my own TreeHouse Guitar. That is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. The custom ordering process was efficient and one on one. Zach was always prompt to respond to questions. 

     I Love my TreeHouse Guitar. I want to order a second one so that I have a breeding pair."

     - Jacob Murray, ON, Canada 

     "It's hard to find the words to sum up my feelings about the Dragonfly guitar.  The process of you building it, with the interaction and opportunity for input was a wonderful experience, like the slow birth of something that has its own life. When I picked it up at AlgomaTrad I was nervous and then just overflowing with emotion at its true beauty, its glorious tone and how it just 'felt right' to play.

The Taylor is relegated from it's spot on the wall and your beautiful artwork now occupies that space, that is, when I am not playing it!

     Your craftsmanship and eye for beauty are amazing gifts, continue to use it to build fabulous instruments.  I am lucky to have met you, and luckier still to have one of your guitars."

     - Jel Coward, BC, Canada

     " is awesome 👏🏻!! Plays with ease, sound is crisp and tone is lovely. Having made a few musical instruments including a guitar and violin, you are a master craftsman and an artist. It is truly a one of a kind keepsake. I can see the smile on Aunt Marg's face now! Thanks for the care and patience you took. I am truly delighted. Hope we can meet in person one day."

     - Ian Sinclair, ON, Canada 

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